Elaine M. Henderson – Biographical Profile and Positions on the Issues

Previous Candidate for U.S. Representative District 25, Texas

Texas Democratic Party
P.O. Box 4325Lago Vista TX 78645
General (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)

The voters of the District have a choice. I want to represent the people of this very beautiful, scenic area of Texas in order to maintain this great quality of life here and that there might be more good jobs. Water is an essential element of job growth as well as living comfortably.

While many feel this is an tough race, I'm optimistic for 3 reasons: One, a lot more people from other areas are moving into the area; Two, because Congress has become so unpopular with all their do-nothing shenanigans, since the Tea Party gained seats in 2010; and Three, many people who live in this area are retired seniors, and they have a problem with a Congress that wants to give them a voucher to buy insurance, rather than receiving their Medicare benefits.

Personal (gender, age, marital status, spouse's name and age, children's name and ages, home town, current residence)

I was born in Missouri, my Dad worked on the WPA projects in the West during the depression and my Mother was a school teacher for a few years before she married my Dad. I married my first husband while he was a student at Mo. School of Mines and Metallurgy. We moved to Fullerton, California where he was employed with a defense plant nearby. We had two children. I met a flight instructor I had known in my earlier flight school business, David Henderson. We married a few months later. When he retired in 2001, we stayed in the NASA area until he finished a book he was working on -really advanced math. Sorry I can't read it. Anyway, we then moved to Lago Vista, TX; where we now reside. My son and his family live in Round Rock and my lovely daughter lives in Connecticut, working as dental asst. and going to school. David's oldest son also lives in Austin.

Profession (professional and work experience outside politics)

After high school graduation, I worked in Kansas City, Mo. at an insurance company and at Kansas City Bank and Trust. I worked for HISD teaching 4th grade and later at Harris County Youth Village as a remedial reading teacher. My husband and a friend decided to indulge their interest in flying by buying a small airplane to rent out. That led to them buying 2 airplanes and myself and the friend's wife running a small business for about 8 years. We were at an outlying airport, renting space and selling flying lessons, airplanes and parts. I ended up working at a job at Hobby Airport for Texas Eastern Company in accounting, then moved to work directly for the Houston Airport system as an Operations officer. Later I was promoted to Airport Operations Supervisor and Airport Security Coordinator.

Civic (past and present organizations, charities involvement)

I have been a long time member of the Sierra Club, the Outdoor club of the College of the Mainland, and have been a supporter of the Texas Freedom Network, testifying before the State Board of Education on adoption of a textbook. Served also as Precinct Chair for the Democrats in 371 and helped start the North Shore Democrats in Lago Vista.

Religion (current and past religious affiliations, beliefs)

I sing in the choir at the Episcopal Church of the Ressurection in Austin.

Education (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)

I studied history and business at Fullerton Jr. College and Cal State Fullerton. I worked toward and received a BS in Education from the University of Houston.

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